Baking Supplies

A baker’s delight with a wide variety of quality flour, dried and glace fruit, nuts and seasoning all packaged at Coyle’s, for your delicious fruitcakes, pastries and bread.

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many delicious flavours including apple, blackberry, black cherry, black raspberry, elderberry, peach, pumpkin, blue goose, fruit explosion & fig

stone ground buckwheat, yellow corn flour, durum semolina, stone ground organic Ezekiel flour, stone ground organic kamut flour,oat flour, sweet white rice flour, dark rye flour, self raising flour, low fat soya flour, stone ground organic spelt flour, Robin Hood all purpose enriched pre-sifted, Robin Hood cake & pastry, unbleached Western hard wheat white flour, Hi Rise Western hard whole wheat flour, stone ground Western whole wheat flour, wheat gluten flour, almond flour

Whole Grains, Flakes & Cereal
pearl barley, barley flakes, yellow corn meal, popping corn (mushrooms when popped), white hull less popcorn, nut & raisin granola, muesli, steel cut oats, rolled oats large flake & quick cooking, instant mashed potato flakes, rye flakes, seven grain cereal, twelve grain cereal, wheat bran, wheat bulgur, cracked wheat, oat bran hot cereal, wheat germ, Wheatlet cereal, wheat berries (soft wheat kernels)

Baking Mixes
bread machine mixes – flaxseed, white, whole wheat; graham cracker crumbs, graham cracker pie crust mix, Robin Hood muffin mixes – bran, oatmeal, tea biscuit; Robin Hood deluxe pancake mix,  buckwheat pancake mix, Oreo crumbs

Baking Nuts
Almonds – whole blanched, ground, sliced, slivered, whole natural, almond paste, whole Brazil nuts, whole filberts, junior mammoth pecan halves, California light walnut pieces, green pistachios

Basmati rice, wild and brown rice, long grain brown, long grain white

Dried Fruit
dried white apples, extra fancy apricots, banana chips, sweetened blueberries, dried cherries, coconut – flake, shred, sweet medium, unsweetened medium desiccated; Ocean Spray sweetened sun dried cranberries, currants, dates – pitted, chopped; organic goji  berries, crystallized ginger, dehydrated mango, dehydrated papaya, dehydrated pineapple pieces, sweetened strawberries, pitted prunes, raisins – golden seedless, sultana seedless, Thompson seedless, Australian seeded lexia raisins, Kalamata natural dried string figs, dried kiwi slices, dried guava

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Dried Beans & Legumes
white & dark red kidney, baby lima, large lima, great white Northern beans, chick peas, red lentils, green lentils, French lentil, navy beans, pinto beans, dried soup mix, split green peas, split yellow peas, Hillbilly Beans – for chilli,  soup, Bermuda salad, no bull beans, cowboy stew, marrofat peas, baked beans special, chili bean mix

Sauce & Gravy Mix
Beef light gravy maker, beef dark gravy maker, chicken gravy mix, Soup Bases - Select beef, chicken and French onion soup base, No MSG beef, chicken, No Salt or MSG – beef, chicken & French onion; Knorr Swiss soup bases

Glace Fruit
whole and broken red, green and mixed cherries, mixed fruit with cherries & peel, citron peel, mellogems, mixed peel - orange, lemon, citron, pineapple wedges and prepared mincemeat pie filling

Seeds & Meats
flax seed, Bob's Red Mill Flaxseed meal, poppy seed, raw pumpkin seeds, white hulled sesame seed, chia seeds, organic quinoa seed sunflower meats – raw, roasted & salted, roasted no salt; sunflower seeds, Rocky Mountain hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds)


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dark brown & golden yellow brown sugar, dextrose corn sugar, Demerara sugar, fructose fruit sugar, granulated white sugar, icing sugar, coarse white sanding sugar, coarse brown sugar in the raw, Plantation raw golden brown sugar from cane, Sugar substitute packets – NutraSweet Equal, Sweet & Low, Sugar Twin, Splenda and Krisda Stevia, Rogers golden cane syrup, Lyle’s golden syrup, Happy Home fancy (Barbados style) and blackstrap unsulphured molasses, organic coconut sugar

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butter flavoured, Epsom salts, coarse pickling salt, sea salt fine and coarse, Windsor hi-grade iodized table salt, Prague powder (sodium nitrite meat cure), seasoned salt, Diamond Crystal kosher salt

Baking Products
double action baking powder, baking soda, 175 bloom gelatine, instant clearjel glaze mix, corn starch, mira-cleer starch,   tapioca minute & pearl, meringue powder, fine bread crumbs, seasoned bread crumbs, coat 'n bake, cheese sauce mix, onion & garlic croutons, fried noodles

Omega Nutrition organic coconut oil and organic virgin coconut oil, Crisco canola oil

Specialty Products
potato starch & flour, tapioca flour, brown rice flour stone ground, low fat soy flour, stone ground sorghum flour, psyllium seed husk, xantham gum, arrowroot flour

Baking Chocolate
Hershey Skor toffee bits, baking squares – unsweetened & semi-sweet; block chocolate – milk, semisweet & white; baking M & M chips, butterscotch chips, pure dark semi-sweet chocolate chips, chocolate flavoured chips, pure milk chocolate chips, white chips, chocolate sprinkles, silver dragees, Merckens wafers – white, light chocolate, dark chocolate; Foley's wafers – dark and light chocolate; cocoa powder natural 10% butter fat, cocoa powder Dutch 22/24% butter fat

Spices & Seasoning
ground & whole allspice, alum powder, whole anise seed, whole STAR anise, apple pie spice, ascorbic acid, bay leaves, sweet basil, beau seasoning, bouquet  garni, whole caraway seed, cardamom, whole cassia buds, cayenne pepper, celery salt, whole celery seed, whole chillies, Mexican chilli powder, Chinese 5 spice, cilantro flakes, citric acid, Club House Korintji  cinnamon, 3” and 12” cinnamon sticks, whole & ground cloves, ground coriander, cream of tartar, ground cumin, curry powder, dill weed, fennel seed, garlic powder & salt, ground ginger, ginger root, hickory smoke salt, Italian mixed herbs, juniper berries, ground mace, rubbed marjoram, meat tenderizer, Montreal steak spice, MSG, mustard powder, yellow mustard seed, ground & whole nutmeg, onion flakes, ground oregano, Hungarian & sweet Spanish paprika, ground black pepper, whole peppercorns – black, pink, mixed; butcher’s coarse ground black pepper, pickling spice, poultry seasoning, rosemary, saffron, sage, savory, seafood seasoning, tarragon, thyme, turmeric, vanilla beans, vegetable flakes, Garlic Box - seasoning blends, dressing & sauces


Red Rose orange pekoe 1 cup tea bags, powdered hot chocolate mix, Fire Roasted Coffee whole beans & ground, Higgins & Burke tea, pure tart cherry juice, pure cranberry juice, coffee creamer, Coca-Cola products

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